Sunday 13 August 2006

Eugenio en Oxford

Keno visited this weekend. Seeing as he never reads this blog, I can can say anything I like about him...

Keno - your patterned socks make Russian girls laugh!

Ha! That'll teach him not to read this blog!

Anyway, Saturday night we went to The Zodiac, where if it hadn't been for meeting Jo, Keno and I might have stood like wall flowers all night. Mind you I was doing some quite impressive toe-tapping standing there.

Told Keno about my engineering work last week and he insisted on going to see if it was still there. It wasn't. Is nothing sacred? It had been flattened. I suspect a small localised tornado must have hit it, because that thing was quite solid. All that was left was a few twigs and broken bits of bark. :(

We also went to see the movie Nacho Libre (Spanish for 'Cheese Flavoured Snacks'), which is about Mexican wrestling. Pretty damn funny movie!

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